image caption: Gurmukh Singh

Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference in the US (10 to 12 September 2021)

Hindutva nationalist approach cannot lead to one people and one Indian nation. An ideology and religio-social system which divides society horizontally and vertically, cannot be the basis for one nation.

However, now that a global conference is held to selectively condemn an alleged form of extremism verging on terrorism so far as minorities are concerned, it is also fair to read the opposing viewpoint.

Admittedly, the heading of the conference, Dismantling Global Hindutva in the US held from September 10 to 12, can give the misleading impression that only Hindutva needs dismantling to the exclusion of other forms of extremism. Therefore, not surprisingly, someone using the pen name, karimganj1967assam wrote: It is funny to note that since 2014, the year Modi led BJP has come to power in India, dozens of followers of foreign faiths like Islam, Communism and Christianity&hellip..have ganged up for destabilizing India, to be precise Hindu India. He goes on to accuse the organisers of this conference that they are ignoring other forms of terrorism in the name of religion and that they seem to be happy with North Korea civil rights violation or persecution of Uyghur Muslims in China.

So let us educate ourselves about the nature and agenda of Hindutva. To quote a source: The term Hindutva came in the 19th century. Its narrative is deeply rooted in Brahmanism and is the offspring of Hindusim. Its strategy is based on violence, hatred, terrorism and is an enemy to democracy. The supporters of Hindutva ideology use different means to achieve the objectives&hellip. Hindutva has emerged from the RSS that is an Indian right-wing Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organization founded in 1925 by K.B Hedgewar. In 2020, RSS had almost 585,000 members and over 57,000 branches.

According to sources, the conference was backed by over 45 departments and centres from 40 universities including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, Berkeley, North-Western, etc. They had more than 70 co-sponsoring entities from 53 universities and received a letter of support from over 900 academics across the world. Most of the panelists were Indian academics serving in the elite universities and think tanks in the western world. The presenters unveiled the atrocities and pain caused by RSS both within and outside India. All speakers came from the top twenty most elite universities in the world. Allegedly, the organizers received life threats to themselves and their families and decided to remain anonymous.

To this day, Indian milieu is contaminated with Bipran thought and practices, Manuwadic system and Chanakya stratagems and strategies to keep the Brahmin/Khatri unholy alliance on the top. Gurbani refers to horrific practices promoted by the Brahmin pujaris - not least the donation of girls and even newly-wed wives to the pujaris at "holy" places. The Khatris as rulers indulged in open corrupt life styles . Mahants in Sikhi guise, ousted from Gurdwaras with large land attachments, had adopted such unholy and corrupt Bipran-Khatri practices. 

Guru Nanak Sahib gave the people of India and the world the ideology and institutions to remove social divisions to create one society. Progressively, this new social order, the Teesra Panth, when followed, leads to one global nation and one human race &ndash manas ki jaat.

Gurmukh Singh