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Sikh Literature on Sikh Missionary Society UK Website

  • Covering aspects of Sikhi to help anyone who wants to learn, speak and share Sikhi with authority. The Society is moving into Internet age. []]wrote Amarpreet Singh Website Manager. ]

  • The world has moved on from print media to electronic media.

The need today is for electronic dissemination of Sikhi literature. One example is the Sikh Missionary Society publication, Guru Tegh Bahadur &ndash The True Story, which has been read by over 53,000 on global ResearchGate in 18 months.

Soon after retirement in June 1996, I ped in at the Sikh Missionary Society UK in Southall. This was my first contact with the Society. A most dedicated Society sevadar, late S. Sarup Singh Guliani, knew me from my service days. I was persuaded by him, and late S Gurbachan Singh Sidhu, S Kirpal Singh Rai and S Gurinder Singh Sacha to work with the Society. These Gursikhs are no longer with us but my link with the Society continues through briefings and advisories.

The Aim of the Sikh Missionary Society is the advancement of the Sikh faith in U.K and abroad which continues to be achieved through various activities over the decades according to the needs of changing times. In addition to Sikhi literature the Society continues to respond to queries and requests for advice from students, research scholars, journalists and others, regarding Sikh view about modern social and environmental issues. The more important briefs and advisories continue to be put on the Society Website for global access.

The world has moved on from paper to electronic media. In any case, as some observers have commented, reading books is not the most popular Sikh hobby. These days, most younger readers use electronic devices like computers, Laptops, iPads, smart phones etc to research and read on electronic screens and are moving away from printed books, papers and journals etc. Electronic media can be quickly edited and d and can be availed anywhere at anytime with a electronic device. That means that next generations read less from books and more online.

Amarpreet Singh, the Website Manager of the Sikh Missionary Society Website reported recently and provided Sikh Missionary Society Website links, as follows: The website provides a lot of content which people can read/print:

We have over 300 publications available now for free download from the website to view on computers/tablets/phones and even print:

We have around 100 articles []]briefings and advisories] which cover aspects of Sikhi with relation to current events and these can help anyone who wants to learn / speak / share Sikhi with authority backed by facts: -

We also have an extensive Sikhism section which cover Sikhi and our history

We have a catalogue of products available at the Society:

Much Sikhi missionary work is now carried out locally by Gurdwaras and volunteer groups. However, as part of succession planning, there is need to motivate next generation educated Sikh activists to join and work with the Society while developing links with Sikh studies in UK universities.

Gurmukh Singh OBE

Principal Civil Servant Retd