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India claims one of the Developed Countries by 2047 : Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

This is the best news for the people of India that they too shall come out of the list of poor and backward countries and shall become one of the Developed countries. The result of past more than sevfen decades of this independence and democracy has already been placed before the people where it is claimed that our financial growth had always been on averae position, but at the same time we could not explain the causes of growth of poverty which has reached not less than three-fourth total population. The remaining 24 years period is enough to concentrate on this side and ensure to all in this country proper health, proper education, proper training, proper employment and proper wages and to see that there shall be no katcha house, no oneroom house, no jhugi, no huts and none shall be living under open skies. On the first look on people and on their life style, the claim of Develope country must speak itself. All coming governments must plan properly and come forward to fulfill this claim. Whatever may be the definition of Developed Country, life style of teh people is the
first item in it. Present situations in the country do not confirm our claim of complete development.