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Elected members must speak as per their conscience

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Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate  
Elected members must speak
 as per their conscience     
  The first step in democracy means government through representatives elected by the people and they must work for the welfare of the people as per their conscience, wisdom, experience and good will.  Here in India contesting groups nominate their candidates wishing them their supporters and even governments are formed as per strenth of number in the House.  And the tragedy is that this wing of supporters cannot speak on Bills, Projects, Schemes and laws put up bythe Prime Minister and the other group of oppositions too do not speaks per their conscience because they are fearing no hearing because oflow in number.  Let us find out a way out.  All members prsent must work for the welfarte of the people they represent and must take active part on each item presented as per their conscience, will and wisdom without any pressure or whip.  His point must be considered on merits and if need be, all Bills, Projecdts, Schemes and other items be formally corrected and brought before the house for voting.  The governing group shall need majority of votes and for that purpose, they can use whips.  The first step of speaking out conscience and will  must become a basic principle in our Constitution like None shall be condemned unheard, none shall be vaxed twice for one and thesame cause of action.  This right of speaking out as per conscience shall be first step raising the standard of member towards  attaining status of Representative. Here in India we established democracy andin reality it is one man rule andeven governing group or party to keep silence.  There are no directions and instructions from the sides of governing group.  et our groups fighting the present Parliament Elections must assure that they shall adopt this new method during this tenure and all all members present in the house to speak on the subject as per their own consciencfe.  Let something better may come out. Shutting the mouths of largest number of elected people cannot be a true democracy. 
Nominated candidates avoid to declare that they are representatives of the people     
   After independence and after adopting this democratic system, alarge number of people joined political wing of our society and the sepoliticians formed political parties or let us say groups like team sto contest electioins.  In elections for the Parlia ment, state legislative assemblies and other units of elected bodies these groups nominate their candidates.  Very few come forward as independent candidates and till there is no agency which can nominate candidates from the side of the people.  And therefore, the people who gt tickets from contesting groups are their nominees and they are bound to workas per directions and cannot say that they are representatives of the people and shall be working in our August Houses as per their conscience and will. Even in elected houses winner side made arrangement  supporterson one side and loosers or oppositions on the other side.  The winnerside keeps silent and is used only for supporting the item presentedby the group or the Prime Minister and opposition side is always inminoity and they too keep silent and if someone dares to speak nonehears his voice.   Because of this history of past more than seven decades, the question of representatives is already dead.  Therefore teh first requirement of government of the people through their representativesis missing.  The people nominated by contesting groups too are silent on this subject.  So none declares that he shall serve the people because he is going in August House as their Representative.  The countries which have come out of this weakness must guide all the democratic countries on this subject of representation of the people.
Let our next Parliament may decide 
formation of political Parties     
    The democratic system which we have adopted political parties take part in elecctions and the party coming in power appoints Prime Minister and starts running the administering the country. Till date there is no specific law for the formation of political groups and that had been the reason, political groups had been established by individuals, by families or the like.  There is no set of qualifications, trainings, experience or the like  and any one can be called and registered as a member in this group.  The man who is theframer of party becomes all in all and people are recruited as perdesires and winner utilizes these members as supporters of his actions. And it is on record that candidates so nominated are just members in the House and utilized. This system was established because the British while going out gave all powers to these political heads.The system had been adopted and now it has become a law.  Forest ablishing real democracy, we shall have to make certain changes.And let us begin with formation of political parties and who shouldbe able to join.  Some standards of qualifications, training, experience, spirit of serving the country and the winners must ensure that they have competent supporters and must be given freedom to participate in each action of the government. They must be able to work as per their conscience and will and only blind support be avoided.  Democracy must mean that knowledge of more than one people be utilized/  This elections system is very costly and there should be choice of right persons who must be able to work in the Parliament over and above Highly quyalified people in the administrative sides..Uptil now no specific entry set of qualifications has been prescribed. Let us make a law for establishing political parties  having specific provisions  of qualification, past of the candidate, present of the candidate, and try to0 uncerstand his will and conscience.  If law is framed, then because of limited numbers of principles, number of political parties shall be limited and shifting members too shall haveto declare what principles he does not like and what principles are in the other party which he is joining.
All ruling and opposing groups are responsible for growing poverty     
  As per provisions in our Constitution there is only one Parliament and it is also very much clear that who soever becomes are presentative sits here as a Public Servant.  He is paid, given allowances and even pension for performing specific duties.  After sitting in Parliament all claim themselves as leaders elected by the people.  And all efforts they had been making , they claim that were done for welfare of the people.  Much has been claimed and in spite of all these claims, none of these contesting groups could say who was at fault because of which such a large number, about two-third of total population has been reduced to such a poverty level, that the state had to come forwqard to distribute free ration to them just to save them from starvation.  Had this relief not been given, most of them could have died of starvation.  And because ofsuch situations, we cannot claim tht we have made progress.  Proper life of people is the first condition which an independent and a democracy must achieve for the people.  India is a rich country having all resources of nature like mountains, rivers, rains, fertile lands, minerals, jungles, gas, coal, iron, petroliums, growing different types of grains, vegitables, fruits and the like and it is also on record that at one stage we had been called golden sparrow.  it isalso on record that because of all these richnesses, we had been subject of attacks and much had been looted out from this country.    
     Because of all this history, we must examine all this period ofindependence and this democracy and we must try to find out faults andmust try to put teh things on right path to ensure basic fives health, education, training, employment and proper eqarnings to all so thatall may have proper life in this country.  The next five years tenuremust be  our re[]]examination period and till the end of these five years, none should remain poor and on free ration.  Each one must bein earning position.  When as per provisions of our Constitution each citizen of this country is owner and of this country, he must live a life of owner.  When two[]]third population is living like living on charity, means there had been faults on the administrative side and that must be corrected. We are sorrty that none of the contesting groups is talking of these poor people.
talks on defects of others cannot establish Popular Government
  Here in India, political parties or groups come forward to take part in elections and we have noted that these contesting groups have got no list of their own meits with them, they usually talk onde-merits of other contesting groups.  All the contesting groups wantonly victory and therefore, these elections are like War at Panipat.The contesting groups start talking about the de-merits of others and rarely talk on their own merits.    Even honesty and integrity ofothers is at stake.  So many people are already behind the bar in corruption cases called scams, scandles and muddles. It means the present democracy too is under clouds when people could not get timeto examine honesty and integrity of people coming forwared.  The basic concept of Public Servants too is under doubt.  The elected member sare not rulers, but they are just Public Servants and the people whoare choosing servants are not given fare opportunity to electservants.  The elected people named them selves as leaders or rulers and people are still not s.  They are forced to elect people nominated by contesting groups selected by them for their own purposes.  Time has come when people themselves be allowed to elect people of their own choice whose merits and demerits they themselves know.  The contesting groups must talk on their own merits and talks on de-merits of others must be banned under law.  The demerits they talk are sins, crimes and misconducts and must be dealt with by the agencies which are already available in our country.
Raising serious allegations by contesting groups totally confused voters     
  The people of India are totally confused when the contesting groups started raising serious allegations against each other.  Some allegations are so serious whih violate the unity and integrity of India.    The people of India are so simple that they are now justconfused and do not know who is speaking truth and who is telling them lies.  And it is on record that till date such types of talks had been used jut to gain more votes, win and then form governent for five years.  Till date the parties  and contesting groups could not give to people items which are already set in programmes of their parties. All the politicians are divided in groups and these contesting groups are just trying to win elections and since the people come and vote,one groups wins and runs the administration for five years.  Till date none of the contesting groups gave the nation specific programmes and therefore, all developments are achieved in such a way that we could not solve any of our problem completely.  The efforts made resulted  bringing out two-third population as poor nearingstarvation.  Poverty a curse is still there and it seems, all are waiting that one day God shall come down and he shall root out poverty Himself.  Because Curse of God can be cured only by God.  Voting on such preachings is merely an exercise after each set of five yearts just to install a government.  The people contesting votes are one setof people who have come here to govern us and better results are stillfar away.  ONe group says that the other is afraid of Bombs and shall leave POK to Pakistan and the other group says that if one groupswins, all opposition members shall be in Jails.